A plastic bag with a mouse in it

Today we killed a mouse. We had to. It was in our kitchen and kept chewing at our food. Vermin. Place for vermin is outside. We need a hygienic kitchen to be safe. A mouse threatens that. We get rid of the mouse.┬áIt’s called survival of the fittest.

So far so good. But here comes the question. Do you put the mouse in a plastic bag and throw away or how do you discard it?

  • We’re trying to avoid plastic bags.
  • I have a campaign running to #EndPlasticPollution on Facebook.
  • This blog is about sustainable practices to save the earth.

Regardless of the fact that we just killed a mouse and I feel bad about that, let’s just talk about plastic bags. They’re so convenient, right?! Yet, we now know, they clog up our oceans, our fish are eating them, micro plastic debris is landing right back in our food. Not just plastic bags. Any plastic. We use it every day. I don’t have statistics. Just look around.

Poor mouse.

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