Wonderful world seeks sustainable lifestyle to live happily ever after

When did we decide that we want stuff and we want it now? Probably, as soon as we were born. Consuming, more, faster, now is a basic instinct: Baby, breast, milk, sleep. In adulthood not much has changed. Just put in different words: Me, beach, fancy food, nap – just to name one scenario (there are many). We use things, then we rest. Hopefully when we wake up, it’s all there again, to be used more.

Except of course, it’s not.¬†We have exhausted or decimated so many things and we keep doing it. Overconsumption. We neglect the consequences of using something because we just want to have a good time. Hedonism is destroying our environment. Our environment is the world. The world is dying. Because of us. No happily ever after.

Most people, I would say, believe in ecology. Some act upon it. Some don’t. Others might. Most of us are not sure.

Action for today: What have you consumed today that will be there tomorrow?

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